New Sony A7


Laura Macky Photography

This is the first picture off my new Sony A7.  I’m not retiring my Nikon D750, that’s for sure, but it’s nice having a smaller camera for travel or if I’m walking a long way.  I can’t carry heavy equipment so this camera will come in handy!  I’m still figuring it out so I really don’t have details yet as far as to what I like or don’t like about the camera, but it takes fantastic pictures in RAW format so yay for that!

I went up our local Mt. Diablo yesterday morning to try and get some velvety green pictures.  It was a good time to go because we had a huge rainstorm and the clouds were just clearing up.  I felt like a storm chaser trying to get to the top to get above the clouds!

This was done in Lightroom only for those who are curious.

Morning Velvet on Mt. Diablo Morning…

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