Testimony — Petals Unfolding

Here I am strong and tall ever withstanding storms intensely fierce those any less then I would surely have succumbed to the seduction of death. Ξ Yet now as I wait for the final phase to come I catch my breath gathering the courage to again fully open my Inner Heart so Bright for all […]

via Testimony — Petals Unfolding


5 thoughts on “Testimony — Petals Unfolding”

  1. My Origami is beautiful, is She not? Thank you so much for the link. I haven’t been blogging, just posting due to a broken heart from loosing one of our precious cats. I have dedicated my life caring for special needs cats and when one passes, I take it very hard, yet at the same time am so relieved that my baby is no longer suffering. And my stress level starts coming down from the intensity of care required at the end, sometimes lasting months. I’m in “recovery” while my strength returns. Bless you for doing this for me especially at this time of my life. ❤

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