Monochrome Monday: Ouril

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Ouril is an ancient mancala (board) game that still played regularly in Cabo Verde. I noticed that some men were playing this board game in front of the shops or on the beach. I was told that the game usually played by men, not women. I should take pictures of them but I always got unlucky with my camera gear. Every time I saw the Ouril players on the street, I had my camera inside of its underwater-casing – too much work to re-assemble for capturing the moments.

Luckily the souvenirs stalls in Sal Island, Cabo Verde, offered the Ouril board game set for tourists. The stall owner offered me of 1500 Escudos (15 Euro) for a wooden set and I was sure that I could have it for 10 Euro and even cheaper. Anyway, in the end I did not buy it but I was still allowed to take…

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