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A professional photographer once told me that a perfectly balanced picture is nice but it’s merely a “record” of what happened and is not necessarily artistic nor shows individuality.  Now some of you may disagree with that statement and I’m sorry if I made you cringe lol, but that statement has always struck me.

A very crisp picture can be stunning as they are, however, what did I see there really?  Trying to go a bit deeper with my editing process allows me to bring out the emotion I felt when I took the picture.  I think I’ve mentioned this before but I guess I’m trying to reinforce it in my own mind so I think it’s worth saying again.

Here I’ve revamped the original seagull shot which was a decent shot to begin with, but how many gulls on a rock have we seen?  I know I’ve seen a million of them.  But what did I REALLY…

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Early Morning Flatiron View from Coot Lake Colorado Time Lapse Video 4.3

Striking Photography by Bo

This time lapse version is in the 4.3 format. The wide 6.9 cropped the water and the geese. A view of the Flatirons in Boulder Colorado, view from Coot Lake in NE Boulder County at sunrise. There was not much of one because of a heavy bank of clouds on the eastern horizon.

Bo Insogna photography, (C) all right reserved. Check out our Colorado fine art nature landscape iGallery

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